How to create a personal blog

A personal blog can be both an important showcase from a business point of view and a space in which to post and share your thoughts. A friend of yours has just opened one, you would like to follow his example but, not being particularly interested in the subject, you do not know how to do it. Quiet, if you want, I’m here. If you have five minutes to dedicate, I can help you create a personal blog illustrating all the solutions you can rely on and pointing out, step by step, all you need to do to open your “space” on the Web and get to know new people.

We assume that today there are many platforms that allow you to create a blog in a simple, fast and above all free of charge without having to worry about more complex practices, such as registering a domain or choosing a paid hosting . The most popular platforms are WordPress and Blogger , which allow a wide autonomy of site management by the user and are always very flexible. Less flexible, but to keep in mind, are two other platforms that have managed to stand out in recent months:  Medium and Tumblr, which are more “closed” than WordPress and Blogger but in certain contexts offer more convenient features to use.

Would you like to know more? Good. So, if you agree, I’ll start to show you the main blogging platforms with which you can create a personal website without having to worry about expenses or other “technical” problems. Enjoy reading and have fun! I bet that, from here to a few minutes, your first posts will already be online, ready to reach a potentially vast audience!

Create a personal blog with WordPress

People who open a personal blog for the first time, generally, do it using the WordPress platform . Are you wondering why he is so loved by people? The answer is simple: extreme simplicity of use and complete customization thanks to many themes and plugins, which are the real strength of this CMS (content management system). Thanks to the additional components, in fact, it is possible to extend the basic functionality of WordPress blogs and customize them according to their specific needs.

It is good to point out that there are two ways to use WordPress : the first, which I will focus on today, provides the opening of a free blog with underline  and has several limitations, primarily the inability to monetize their content through the insertion of advertising banners and the inability to add plugins or custom themes to the blog.

The other way to use WordPress, the most “free” and professional, provides free download of CMS files, then upload to a separately purchased Web space (along with a domain). Performing a custom installation of WordPress, there are no limits on monetization, plug-ins or customization of themes. In fact, it is also possible to subscribe to paid plans of  that, starting from $ 4 / month (with annual billing), allow you to activate the plugin upload and advanced customization of themes, but personally, if you do not intend to exploit the free version of the service, I suggest you resort to installing the CMS on an external space.

Without this premise, let’s move on to action: if you want to try WordPress and create a personal blog with the latter, connected to the site . Then click on the Start Now button and wait for the following screen to load, where you must select the type of site you want to open. Among the options available to you, choose the first one by clicking on the Start button with a blog .

On the new page that opens,  assign an address to your site , you are asked to type the name of the new blog. When you have made your choice and after typing it in the Enter a name or a keyword , verify that the domain name is available in the free version of WordPress. Then click on the Select item and proceed to the next page, where you have to choose a plan among those proposed. The first option is Free , which you can select by clicking the Start with free button .

You are one step away from creating your first personal blog on WordPress! The last step required is the creation of an account , so you need to type in the rectangle Your e-mail address the email address you want to associate with the WordPress account, under the item Choose a username your nickname and under the item Choose a password what will be your access key to connect to the account.

Once you have completed filling in the required fields, click on the Continue button and then on the item View my website to view your personal blog.

To publish your first post, click on the Write an article button  located at the top right. In the new screen appears the text editor with which you will write your posts. So fill in the Title field with the title you want to give the article and move to the white text field below to write the body of your post.

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